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TThe PHMC has a well-established one central Library and five post graduate Departmental Libraries which caters to the need of the under graduate and post Graduate students research scholars and the faculty members. The Library functions on an open access system for the faculty members and P.G. research scholars (Ph.D) but the UG students have only a limited access. The remains open from morning 9am to 6pm evening on all working days.

The college library has a collection of about 12367 books and 295 back bound volumes of journals. It subscribes to about 39 various disciplines of medical sciences. Homoeopathy and services such as lending of books and journals reading room facilities and information are rendered by the library.

Objective: The main objective of the library is to provide information and environment that can be helpful in imparting education promoting research and development of homoeopathy thereby leading to improved patient care and better management.

Infrastructure: The library area of 170 is divided into Various section, Circulation section, Stack area, Reference section, Journal sections, Acquisition section and Reading hall for UG,PG students and faculty members.

Library Collection

Sr. No.




Total No. of Books



Current subscription of Journals



Total no. of Back Volumes






Dissertation / Thesis



News Papers

5 (3-Marathi, 2- Eng)


No. of Books in the book bank facility



No. of Books specifically purchased for M.D.( Hom.)



Sitting Capacities



 ISSUE AND RETURN :Weekdays   9.00 AM to 6.00 PM 
  READING HALL   9.00 AM to 6.00 PM 
  HOLIDAYS   All Government and National Holidays

Borrpwing Facities:

Books(EXCEPT REFERENCE SECTION BOOKS) 7 days (for UG students & Interns)
15 days (for Interns posted in Dispensaries) 
30 days (for PG students)
1. Reference section books can not be borrowed 
2. Textbooks which are in great demand will be issued for only one week for their better utilization amongst the users
Bound journals Fortnight Issued only to Faculty Members
Unbound journals One week  
Thesis One day Thesis can be issued to a reader, against a Borrowers ticket, ONLY on the recommendation of the guide/co-guide/departmental head IN WRITING. THE RECOMMENDING AUTHORITY WILL GIVE AN UNDERTAKING REGARDING PREVENTION OF MISUSE AND DAMAGE TO THE THESIS.


  • 1 One Borrowers ticket is needed for any one item
  • 2 The renewal of items is permissible only when the item is brought back to the library physically, at the discretion of the issuing staff, based on Reservation for the item from other members.
  • 3 If necessary, the library can call back items issued to members at any time.

  • Library Services :

  • Reprographic Services :
    • Photocopy: Photocopies of available literature are provided for academic use for Faculty Members & PG students only.
    • Printing: Printing facility is available for records searched from the Internet for academic, research and patient care purpose only for Faculty Members & PG students only.
  • Reference & Consulation :
    • The library remains open from 09.00 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. on Monday to Friday, and 09.00 AM to 1.00 PM on Saturdays.
  • Library Resources :
    • Books: Library has 12367 books of Homoeopathy, Biomedical science and Allied subjects. Latest and valuable books are purchased around the month of February every year.
    • Journals :
      • Back Volumes: Library has a collection of back volumes of journals.
      • Current Journals: Library is subscribing 14 journals of international & national repute.
    • Thesis :
      • Library has a collection of 363 titles thesis of research work undertaken in this institution.
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